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NFT News from 27. March 2023

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Otherside 2nd trip, Y00ts migration to Polygon and Rogs utility for the Pudgy Penguins

  • • More than 7,200 Voyagers joined Otherside for the 2nd Trip. Players on Team Glacia will receive a Winged helmet airdrop since their team was victorious. More Info!
  • • The migration of Y00ts to Polygon will begin on Monday, and users will be rewarded for migrating within the first 24 hours. DeGods should follow on Friday as well. More Info!
  • The Rogs will function as a multiplier in the Pudgy ecosystem for select on-chain drops, licensing deals, or claims we may launch in the future. But they only work in combination with a Pudgy Penguin or a Lil Pudgy. This utility's first implementation will be in Q2 with project Overpass. More Info!
  • • Great thread and summary by Husker about the Rog utility for the Pugdy Penguins eco-system. More Info!
  • • Brandon Riley mistakenly burned Cryptopunk #685 while attempting to wrap it. More Info!
  • Deadfellaz released "Front Facing Fellaz“, a creative reinterpretation of their entire 10k original digital collectibles. This subtle modification to the unique "Horde" PFPs shifts the characters' gaze to face directly forward. More Info!
  • Lazy Lions announced a unique deflationary Open Edition mint. The team offers 80 generative Lions on Bitcoin as prizes. More Info!
  • PROOF and Transient Labs have announced 'Outliers,' where 15 creators will spend 6 weeks designing and building the next groundbreaking projects in web3. More Info!
  • MetaBrewSociety mint closed. 1297 NFTs got minted in total. More Info!
  • Revolving Games has collaborated with Overlord to develop a game inspired by Creepz NFTs. More Info!
  • Machi has exited his punks holdings with a total loss of approximately 4,600 ETH. More Info!
  • • Artist Anyma’s “Eternity” sold for $54,600, which was below Sotheby’s estimate and far off the auction house’s $11.8 million sale of a single CryptoPunks NFT. More Info!
  • Momo Boxes has been airdropped on Saturday. It’s the next step in the phased release of Momoguro's digital collectible game. More Info!
  • OSF, the Rektguy co-founder, announced that Red Lite District is up for auction at Sotheby's. More Info!
  • • Sotheby's called off the "Natively Digital: Glitch-ism" auction after artist Patrick Amadon decided to pull his artwork, pointing out the underrepresentation of female-identifying artists in the event. More Info!
  • • The founders of AKCB, Rafsby and CryptoKrad, have been accused of minting hundreds of their own supply. More Info!
  • • The number of Bitcoin Ordinals has passed 550,000 as interest in digital collectibles is ignited by copies of a blue-chip NFT line. More Info!
  • Bored Ape #2062 bought for 318.00 ETH ($558,214.02). More Info!
  • Otherdeed #665 bought for 118.00 ETH ($206,946.04). More Info!

NFT Statistics and top performing projects from 27. March 2023

NFTs which gained the most volume in the last 24 hoursToday's top performing NFT project is Wrapped Cryptopunks with 19528.1 ETH in trading volume, followed by Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Lil Nouns (Rank 61) has shown the largest growth in percentage terms with +2544.39%, generating 25.06 ETH in trading volume today. Also Impostors Genesis Aliens (+606.9%) and RENGA Black Box (+439.06%) gained a lot in volume. Biggest floor price winners today are Burn Ghost Genesis Pass (0.14 ETH floor price / +64.37%), Momoguro: Holoself (0.13 ETH floor price / +33.33%) and MG Land (0.04 ETH floor price / +30.3%).

On the other hand Terraforms by Mathcastles (-89.18%), CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI (-82.32%) and OnChainMonkey (-72.82%) lost the most volume within the last 24 hours. Regarding change in floor price PBag (-50.83%), BitcoinBirds (-44.06%) and Pudgy Rods (-29.09%) suffered the most. Keep an eye on those!

Top Selling NFTs on 27. March 2023The best 5 new entries today in our LFG TOP 100 are loony squad (Rank 25 with 112.23 ETH volume), YOU THE REAL MVP (Rank 26 with 111.4 ETH volume), RENGA Black Box (Rank 51 with 32.23 ETH volume), Notable Pepes (Rank 54 with 31.3 ETH volume) and Kubz (Rank 60 with 26.02 ETH volume).

loony squad was today's best selling NFT with 5130 sales and a floor price of 0.02 ETH. Followed by Nakamigos (3967 sales), BitcoinBirds (3171 sales), Base, Introduced (1297 sales) and SynapticSanctuary (1297 sales). Otherdeed for Otherside, RENGA, Opepen Edition, Pudgy Rods and Moonbirds complete today's Top 10 sales.

Green Peas Club

The Green Peas Club is a cute collection of individually created NFTs. Each Green Pea is crafted from scratch and captures your style and personality. The Green Peas are a bunch of crazy fellas having a good time. Get yours now! (ad)

Green Peas Club

Latest NFT News - Breaking Headlines from March 27, 2023

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