NFT News from 28. February 2024

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Magic Eden, Truth Labs, Yuga Labs, AKCB and Okay Dogs

  • Magic Eden has officially launched its new Ethereum marketplace. More Info!
  • Truth Labs is introducing a unique option for NFT holders, allowing them to burn their NFTs in exchange for either future equity rights or ownership in Truth Arts IP. This innovative approach provides a solution for projects overwhelmed by an excess of NFTs. More Info!
  • y00ts is collaborating with Magic Eden to enforce royalties, committing 100% of these royalties to purchase y00ts (which will be distributed for free) and to support y00ts creators by awarding them X badges. More Info!
  • Yuga Labs announced via X that starting February 27, they will no longer support marketplaces that do not uphold royalties for all creators. This decision does not affect BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, Punks, Meebits, Moonbirds, & Oddities. Basically all collections with immutable contracts created before mid-2022. More Info!
  • A Kid Called Beast also announced that their NFTs are no longer eligible for trading on platforms such as OpenSea, Blur, or LooksRare. More Info!
  • Okay Dogs is the first to fully minted out collection on Magic Eden's newly launched Ethereum Launchpad. More Info!
  • OnChainMonkey's OCM Genesis collection now offers an upgrade feature to Bitcoin. More Info!
  • Blast has announced that its mainnet is scheduled to launch tomorrow, Thursday, February 29. More Info!
  • Kanpai Pandas has unveiled a new lineup of major experiences available exclusively to holders, which includes premium events like the Indy 500, Wimbledon, and the Stanley Cup, among others. More Info!
  • CryptoPunk #5240 bought for 89 ETH ($287,943.49). More Info!

NFT Statistics and top performing projects from 28. February 2024

NFTs which gained the most volume in the last 24 hoursToday's top performing NFT project is Milady Maker with 1121.52 ETH in trading volume, followed by Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. Chiblings (Rank 27) has shown the largest growth in percentage terms with +1842.75%, generating 67.18 ETH in trading volume today. Also Parallel Avatars (+1228.87%) and Quaere Genesis Pass (+1088.01%) gained a lot in volume. Biggest floor price winners today are Chiblings (0.32 ETH floor price / +113.48%), Otherside Koda (3.95 ETH floor price / +59.27%) and Wassies by Wassies (2.19 ETH floor price / +49.08%).

On the other hand Meridian by Matt DesLauriers (-79.38%), Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro (-78.26%) and World of Women (-74%) lost the most volume within the last 24 hours. Regarding change in floor price Lasogette (-29.94%), WADE Friends & Family Official (-29.82%) and Quaere Genesis Pass (-20.73%) suffered the most. Keep an eye on those!

Top Selling NFTs on 28. February 2024The best 5 new entries today in our LFG TOP 100 are Quaere Genesis Pass (Rank 23 with 101.46 ETH volume), Chiblings (Rank 27 with 67.18 ETH volume), rektguy (Rank 28 with 64 ETH volume), Wrapped Cryptopunks (Rank 30 with 55.6 ETH volume) and Parallel Avatars (Rank 31 with 55.55 ETH volume).

Persona was today's best selling NFT with 948 sales and a floor price of 0.41 ETH. Followed by Honey Comb (546 sales), TinFun (490 sales), Milady Maker (365 sales) and Edenhorde (365 sales). Redacted Remilio Babies, Moonbirds, LO-FI PEPE, Chiblings and Lasogette complete today's Top 10 sales.

Green Peas Club

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Green Peas Club

Latest NFT News - Breaking Headlines from February 29, 2024

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