NFT News from 12. April 2024

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Zora, LooksRare, Ubisoft, Cryptopunks and Grant Riven Yun

  • Zora has introduced the option to purchase Mints using a credit card or Apple Pay, allowing you to support creators on-chain without the need for crypto. More Info!
  • LooksRare has teased an upcoming Bitcoin announcement, suggesting they might begin offering ordinals on their platform. More Info!
  • • During Paris Blockchain Week, Ubisoft teased a new blockchain game titled "Champions Tactics." The AAA game developer plans to launch its first blockchain-based game by the end of 2024. More Info!
  • • The floor price for Cryptopunks has dipped below 40 ETH, still valuing the iconic profile pictures at over $140,000. Two punks were sold for 39 ETH within the last 48 hours. More Info!
  • Grant Riven Yun is set to do his first ever Solana drop next Thursday, April 18th, in collaboration with the art marketplace Exchange Art. It will be an edition of 250, with more details to be revealed in a future post next week. More Info!
  • Christie’s has ventured into the Bitcoin Ordinals space, offering Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) for auction on its website. Closing in 4 days! More Info!
  • CryptoSlam!, an NFT data platform providing rankings, real-time analytics, and market trends, has announced SlamNet. It's powered by $SLAM, a Solana-native SPL token, and a decentralized network of innovative creators. More Info!
  • • An art collector defaulted on a loan from Cirrus with a Fewocious 1/1 as collateral and offered a settlement for pennies on the dollar. Cirrus then listed the NFT for 83k USDC and made a proper profit. More Info!
  • Spencer has announced the launch of Orange Cap Games, a digital and physical game design studio incubated by Spencer Ventures. More Info!
  • Aurory has concluded their event featuring 20k $AURY, exclusive Prime Bloomer Eggs, among other prizes, all available in an epic 10-day event! More Info!
  • • FeistyDAO purchased the "Keyboard Cat" 1/1 for 36 ETH, equivalent to $126,000, through Foundation. More Info!

NFT Statistics and top performing projects from 12. April 2024

Today's top performing NFT project is Bored Ape Yacht Club with 832.76 ETH in trading volume, followed by Pudgy Penguins and Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Mintify Genesis (Rank 28) has shown the largest growth in percentage terms with +1088.81%, generating 34.24 ETH in trading volume today. Also Ultiverse - Electric Sheep (+659.5%) and Creepz by OVERLORD (+470.47%) gained a lot in volume. Biggest floor price winners today are Yogurt Verse (2.28 ETH floor price / +153.49%), Mintify Genesis (0.17 ETH floor price / +82.19%) and PandaEyes (0.19 ETH floor price / +59.73%).

On the other hand CryptoPunks (-84.36%), Parallel Avatars (-67.43%) and TODAY - Ancient Seed (-67.4%) lost the most volume within the last 24 hours. Regarding change in floor price BlockGames Dice (-64.36%), UglyCat (-30.26%) and SERAPH Soul Series (-19.42%) suffered the most. Keep an eye on those!

The best 5 new entries today in our LFG TOP 100 are Yogurt Verse (Rank 26 with 36.77 ETH volume), My Pet Hooligan (Rank 27 with 35.41 ETH volume), Mintify Genesis (Rank 28 with 34.24 ETH volume), SERAPH Soul Series (Rank 29 with 34 ETH volume) and The Disruptive Gallery (Rank 38 with 27.16 ETH volume).

BlockGames Dice was today's best selling NFT with 899 sales and a floor price of 0.12 ETH. Followed by Peplicator by Matt Furie (406 sales), Mintify Genesis (229 sales), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (218 sales) and Persona (218 sales). Tribes of Remilio, Meebits, Lil Pudgys, Co-Museum Founder's Pass and PandaEyes complete today's Top 10 sales.

Green Peas Club

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Green Peas Club

Latest NFT News - Breaking Headlines from April 13, 2024

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