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Current $DONUTS Ranking (Last Update 28. February 2024!)

Click here to see the full ranking of all $DONUTS collectors! Here we are showing just the Top 50 $DONUTS collectors with the most $DONUTS collected so far. This might be a good spot to be in (not guaranteed, but who knows, right?), but there will of course be more than just 50 LFG NEWS MINT PASSES. The list is updated 3x / week, usually after the NFT news are posted and the $DONUTS collectors are announced.

Top $DONUTS Collectors 1-25

RankName (Twitter)$DONUTS
1 @TB303de 5010
2 @IschkurE 4600
3 @babyama_o33 3610
4 @AmA11003 3560
5 @whyarewehere42 3400
6 @Tortuga_mds 3340
7 @Crypt0Andy 3280
8 @jammerz79 3280
9 @iamolusegun__ 3270
10 @rblprncss714 3190
11 @blp_prince 3130
12 @8DoubleD 3070
13 @fluffyonEth 2450
14 @h0nkY_swiss 2420
15 @0xKaroShow 2370
16 @Susie4everyoung 2320
17 @FL_E_MusicAndi 2270
18 @NoFOMOCrypto1 2240
19 @ImprovNft 2150
20 @SibeiLucky 2130
21 @SimontCormier 2050
22 @ZiniWuslon 1940
23 @slimzdoteth 1750
24 @theCarballeira 1650
25 @NFToga 1600

Top $DONUTS Collectors 26-50

RankName (Twitter)$DONUTS
26 @meitman 1590
27 @crypt0_mach 1490
28 @seko_tom 1360
29 @Wipers13 1280
30 @a_berghammer 1240
31 @bgroth917 1190
32 @Margefrommars 1170
33 @Smxscher 1150
34 @zizodanti 1100
35 @CaterTunechi 960
36 @maebelles 920
37 @Markus12707614 870
38 @Piper_web3 810
39 @DeVuono_ 770
40 @husker_eth 760
41 @Xenpai_NFT 740
42 @raizen0795 740
43 @Drocif 720
44 @bstrat515 710
45 @craigdoesweb3 710
46 @paulttran 690
47 @AdrianW11628689 660
48 @criptoface21 640
49 @Matty_Solana 630
50 @hskyforever 620

What is HHIAD and what does P2E stand for?

LFG NEWS is part of HHIAD, the digital playground of Mika DiNozzo, sprinkled with bits of blockchain sugar. This NFT news hub delivers 3x / week updates, becoming essential for the NFT community. Join us to push LFG NEWS further, earning $DONUTS and a FREE LFG NEWS MINT PASS, offering exclusive access and perks. It's not just about news; it's about building the top web3 news outlet as a community together. And with our Participate to Earn concept you will also benefit from our growth. We're baking a sweet profit-sharing pie, and it's fresh out of the crypto-oven.

What are those $DONUTS and are they a trade-able cryptocurrency?

Our $DONUTS token is how we reward your engagement. Whether you're liking and retweeting our content, completing specific tasks, or simply being an active member in our Discord, you're earning $DONUTS. The more $DONUTS you accumulate, the more perks you unlock within our ecosystem.

As of now, $DONUTS aren't tradable as a cryptocurrency, but keep an eye out—this could change in the near future. Make sure to follow our announcements on Discord so you don't miss any important sweet updates!

Is there a Allowlist (Whitelist)? What’s the free LFG NEWS MINT PASS?

LFG NEWS MINT PASS for all supportersOur FREE LFG NEWS MINT PASS is your gateway to even more exclusive benefits and opportunities and the key to our Discord Community. And yes, since it’s a free mint, we're rolling out an allowlist, no surprises there. How you can earn your spot? You guessed it, by collecting $DONUTS! So get involved with LFG NEWS on Twitter by liking and retweeting our tweets. Craving more Donuts? Well, there are more opportunities and giveaways to fill your box. Keep a close eye on Mika DiNozzo's Twitter account - it's the hotspot for grabbing those golden, donut-shaped chances!

You have a question?

We bet you're bursting with questions, and we're here with open arms (and ears!) to answer them. We'll do our utmost to sprinkle your concerns with satisfactory responses. But don't forget, while you're sizzling with curiosity, you've got some $DONUTS to collect and a golden ticket to chase! Put on your apron and do your best to earn those delicious $DONUTS, securing your spot on the coveted allowlist. You wouldn't want to be the one to miss out on our grand opening, would you? LFG!